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Don’t overlook chipboard

Chipboard should always be considered as the construction material of choice due to its reliability, consistency and competitive pricing.

Chipboard is a composite board made from wood particles compressed together with various resins to form a strong sheet board. PG Bison manufactures a special variety of chipboard which goes by the name of BisonBord.

BisonBord is a premium quality interior grade product which offers excellent strength, strong screw-holding capability and is great to machine. It comes with a smooth finish, which is ideal for priming, painting, printing, veneering and laminating.

BisonBord is used extensively in the construction of built-in cupboards, office and home furniture, and generally as a core material of choice.

What makes the product so popular is not just the fact that it is very reasonably priced, but also that it offers consistency. Construction timber could technically also be used as a core construction material, but it differs in density, has unreliable weak spots and is susceptible to warping.

With BisonBord what you see is what you get. It has a consistent thickness, strength and screw holding capability – always ready to be relied on.

As a core material BisonBord it is easy to screw, nail, or glue together. It machines easily and quickly, is resistant to biological attack,and can be finished with a protective and/or attractive coating to make it an everlasting product.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it is prone to water damage, but the risk can easily be managed by simply protecting it from moisture by covering it and only using it indoors.


Best Industrial Services provider and functionality:

Electrical subject can be a major concern to manage lying on the off chance that you pick the wrong administrations. High costs and long hold up times are regular among a little electrical specialist organizations and have to be residing away from, if at all achievable well skilled electrical services Work collaboratively with our regulars to deliver every one of their electrical competence in order that they can reap their business objectives. The powerful relationships that we foster with suppliers allow us to buy fine products at a reduced cost and go these financial savings along buyers. We make certain we’re on prime of all traits within the enterprise and rent the modern-day technology.


We whole jobs of all sizes and have effectually completed many complex, technical initiatives. There is no job we cannot do. A best licensed electrician Singapore gives the right the possessor to hold out all types of electrical setting up employment without management. However, to agreement, or affectionate to bond, to grip out electrical set up employment, a focused electrician have got to as well be inventory as an electrical outworker. Electrical work that involves constant wiring is strictly regulated and need to most of the time be carried out through an authorized electrician or electrical service provider .There are versions in licensing requirements; nonetheless, all states respect three basic talent classes level electricians. Journeyman electricians can work unsupervised provided that they work in line with a grasp’s direction.


A primary contributor of electrical supervision in Singapore, first electrical donations offers 24 hour advance from counselor outlying and spacious the urban, because sudden rejoinder period and each single definitely one of their circuit testers is a all set proficient electrical offerings has some familiarity in tackling difficult disorders and has an colossal assortment of complete adjusting, preservation, and restore offerings electrical services authorities don’t fiddle they descend and settle our problems quickly. Famous electrician in Singapore can investigate even probably the most one of sort disorders and find a quick dependable association. They are likewise proficient and will act in an aware approach in our dwelling. They’re enormously proficient and skilled. They’re going to arrive at your home on time, correct on time for your appointment and deal with your residence like possess. We moreover activity to offer industry great consumer improvement continuously in the case of among our association or after deals aid.


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