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All The Essential Options for the Proper Factoring

Factoring over the past year and a half has experienced many changes – some market participants even believe that because of the crisis the market returned to 5 years ago. The decrease in the volume of factoring transactions was due to the unsustainable financial condition of both customers (producers and trading companies), as well as banks and factoring companies. In addition, there was a sharp decline in the number and volume of trade transactions themselves.

Factoring or credit?

Factoring appeared about 100 years ago in the US, and in the middle of the 20th century – in Europe. Now the international factoring industry is actively developing: in the world there are about 1000 factoring companies. About 66% of their turnover falls on Europe, 22% – on the US, 11% – on the countries of Asia. In case of the reverse factoring also you will be getting the options now.

Recall that factoring is a complex of financial services consisting in transferring the right to claim cash (receivables) for the delivered products to the bank (factor) and to receive the supplier of immediate payment. That is, the supplier, working with customers in installments, can receive payment for goods or services immediately after they are shipped. And the debt to the bank or a factoring company is paid off by the debtor. With the help of factoring, the company can get 50-95% of the debt without a loan and lien.The contract limit is usually from 1 to 3 months. The service itself costs the customer more than a normal loan, but factoring has a number of advantages – for example, an easier process for obtaining financing and no limitation on the amount of financing, as it may increase depending on sales growth.

Factoring is beneficial to wholesale trade enterprises that supply products to stores (in the chain stores, supermarkets), to manufacturing enterprises that sell goods to distributors, to suppliers that sell goods and raw materials.

The service is intended to replenish the current assets of the enterprise, i.e. ensuring the receipt of funds immediately after the delivery of goods, without waiting for the end of the period of deferred payment. That is, the enterprise’s accounts receivable turns into “live” money.

Advantages of factoring:

  • The enterprise receives the opportunity to finance working capital without collateral (collateral)
  • Factoring accelerates the period of turnover of funds

In comparison with standard credit products, for example overdraft, factoring allows you to get up to 90% of the amount of goods delivered (future receipts).

  • Factoring is the ability to provide more favorable (competitive) settlement terms to its debtors (customers).
  • Factoring improves the status of the customer’s receivables. The factor checks the reputation and payment discipline of the debtor, makes sure that the debt is repaid in time and in full.

If we talk about the shortcomings of factoring, then this: the bank’s strict requirements for the provided documents relating to the sale of goods, often – the need for bail for the customer, more expensive in comparison with the loan price.

How to find good wooden Venetian blinds

Roller blinds are often seen as real functional eclipse, but they offer more possibilities than you might think! With a wide variety of colors, materials and designs of good wooden venetian blinds you can create a personal atmosphere. For example, you can choose two matching colors, instead of just one color. However, due to the sleek appearance of roller blinds, they are not suitable for every interior. Roller blinds can consist of different fabrics: ‘ordinary’ or blackout. Blackout blinds are often used in the bedroom or office because of their functionality.

Roman blinds

A roman blind creates a nonchalant look for your window. But you can also easily create a sleek, modern look with a roman blind. A roman blind can in fact be pulled up by means of a pull cord and kept hanging at any height. So you can play with the curtains: if you do not hang them at the same height, this gives a completely different effect than when all roman blinds hang at the same height.

Rental Business ideas for a start up

Starting up a rental business is a great way to discover Singapore businesses. Loneliness is good for no one. Create a service that hires friends on time or in the day to go to the movies, do some shopping, talk about a coffee or to make you think that we are very popular on his birthday. In Japan, the concept already exists with the Client Partners agency.Select your collaborators so that they make “good friends”, and especially do not let the services skid to “and more if affinities”.

Private swimming pool rentals

A swimming pool is expensive and, in the end, it is little used during the summer. This platform allows connecting pool owners who want to reduce their bills with tenants who seek to swim safely for one or more hours. The owner indicates the price, the conditions and the dates of hiring available for his swimming pool. The tenant makes a reservation request. The rental is paid online. At the end of each transaction, everyone can note the other on the platform.

Prevent Jaundice with the help of vegetables

Just like tomato and lemon carrots make up another effective good at jaundice home treatment. This orange vegetable is very effective for liver cleansing and damage repair. In addition, carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A, a nutrient needed for a strong immune system and faster recovery. Drink a glass of carrot juice every day to improve the condition of your liver. You can also eat mashed carrots, boiled or salad to speed up the healing process.Licorice is considered a great liver detoxifier that can remove the accumulation of metabolic toxic substances in the body by increasing the liver’s ability to filter out these harmful wastes.

Tips to find good cheap laminating flooring

Wood creates a warm atmosphere. That is why it is better to use parquet. But sometimes it’s not a good idea, and you better choose an alternative. Here comes the use of good cheap laminating flooring.

Parquet tiles

In the vicinity of a wood-burning fireplace, for example, you always have to lay a stone floor here: parquet tiles perhaps: this is how you combine the ease of use of ceramics with the warm appearance of wood, but pay attention: make sure that the joints have the same color as the tile. Otherwise you immediately see that it is not real parquet.

Cement tiles

You often use the ceramic version in the bathroom, which does not get so slippery. Pay attention in your living room: do not lay down cement tiles with a pattern everywhere. Create peace with larger, even surfaces. There is also a cheaper ceramic version. But with real cement tile you do not see when a piece comes loose. The material is colored in depth.

Clear zones

Interiors are becoming more open. The floor is therefore a useful tool for demarcating zones.

For example, parquet in the seating area, and tiles in the rest of the living room, just follow the lines of your interior, and always place the floors in line with walls.

You can opt for the Best developer sales in Singapore now.

You should not chase extra meters. It is generally accepted that a large apartment is good. But when choosing a dwelling, it is better to proceed not from the category “big-small”, but from specific requirements to the real estate object. And keep in mind the fact that for every extra meter of the corridor, hallway, bathroom or dressing room you have to pay a lot of money. You should choose a rational layout: apartments of rectangular shape, in which you can plan the most functional living space.

Today, it is rare to find a residential complex that does not have its own infrastructure. However, buyers should not hope that along with the keys to the apartment they will receive all the promised benefits of civilization. As a rule, infrastructure facilities are built in the last place. Therefore, you should not rely on the fact that, having entered a new apartment, you can immediately give your children to the promised school or kindergarten. Cases when the infrastructure is built in parallel with housing are single. And they are found mainly in large-scale projects of integrated development of territories.

You can also find a Well trained part time cleaner now. In order not to spoil a frying pan after cooking, it cannot be filled with cold water immediately. Yes, of course, it will be easy to wash, but afterwards all food will burn. So just wait until the frying pan cools down, and then fill it with water.

A little winter advice: when washing the down jacket, add ten ping-pong balls to the drum. Thus, down will not roll down and your down jacket will not deteriorate after washing.

Smart Support for the Commercial Cleaning In Singapore Now

Clean and cleaned should be not only offices, but also warehouses. Warehouse cleaning has a number of features. First, it really is a large area. Secondly, the presence of a large number of shelves, containers, cabinets, makes it difficult to clean, so it is almost impossible to perform work manually. Daily cleaning of the warehouse requires the use of sophisticated equipment, for example, Raiders, mini tractors, sweepers.

What determines the price

The cleaning price is determined after a preliminary inspection of the storage space, and depends on the size of the object, the kind of floor covering (the floors can be concrete, bulk, from slabs, this assumes different cleaning methods). Also, the cost of work will be affected by the contamination of the facility, the availability of water for washing, and the purpose of the warehouse. For example, special requirements regulated at the legislative level are made to the food stores. The commercial cleaning Singapore happens to be the best there.

What’s included in one-time cleaning

One-time cleaning of warehouses includes washing floors, cleaning the surfaces of dust, washing the bathrooms and collecting garbage. A team of specialists familiar with the specifics of the work, familiar with modern clearing technologies and able to handle not only harvesting equipment, but also with small-scale mechanization means, which must be used for cleaning, is sent to the cleaning of the warehouse.

Dry cleaning of furniture at home

  • Dry cleaning of furniture is a great way to get rid of household dirt, stale dust, stains. After processing, any piece of furniture will look much cleaner, fresh and brighter.
  • Every furniture item needs periodic cleaning, regardless of its purpose. Professional masters will cope with any pollution, thanks to the use of high-tech equipment and certified tools.
  • What is convenient for dry cleaning of furniture at home?
  • Dry cleaning of furniture at home in St. Petersburg has the following advantages:
  • There is no need to carry bulky furniture to the point of reception;
  • The work is done carefully, the owner of the furniture can always track it;
  • Professional formulations will not only clean the contamination, but also remove various, including pathogenic, microorganisms and dust mites from furniture upholstery.

Cleaning at home can be any furniture, for example, sofas and armchairs, kitchen corners and ottomans. Upholstery material can be any, silk, cotton, suede, the cleaning method will be selected by specialists individually taking into account the material, type of pollution and their degree. In any case, the work is carried out in a gentle manner, excluding damage to the upholstery. After processing, the furniture remains slightly damp, but completely and without traces dries within a few hours.


Regarding the Aircon Service You Will Be Having the Perfect Options Now

Cleaning your air conditioner saves money. Indeed, dirt of all kinds accumulates around the cooling elements and filters, reducing the passage of air, which forces the mechanism to consume more electricity than necessary. Here are 3 simple tips that will help you maintain yours easily.

  1. Small air conditioner

Cleaning a small window air conditioner should be done once a year, at the end of the summer.Turn it off, unplug it, disassemble it and take it outside.Using a screwdriver, remove the cover to clean the two inner coils: the evaporator, installed near the controls, and that of the condenser.The vacuum cleaner will be enough to remove the small dust and residues, but for the encrusted dust, go to the jet.

  • Warning! Do not wet the electrical parts of the air conditioner.

Place a wooden batten or brick under the appliance to elevate the side where the electrical components are, so that the jet water cannot reach them.Gently wet the streamers with the spray.Make sure the set is completely dry before replacing the air conditioner cover.Clean the outside of the unit with a damp cloth.Do not use chemical cleaning agents, brushes or high pressure cleaners.Store the unit for the winter or cover it with a plastic cover. The emergency aircon service is important here.

  1. Big air conditioner

Cleaning a large window air conditioner – with an internal frame that slips into a sturdy housing – can usually be done without removing the chassis completely.Start by unplugging the installation; remove the front panel.Pull the chassis forward to remove it from the case.Place a durable stand – old table or workbench – under the outer edge.Without fully extracting the chassis from the case, you should be able to reach most interior parts.Clean the coils with the vacuum cleaner fitted with a suction nozzle.

  1. Operate an air conditioner

Before restarting a central air conditioner – in the spring or after a long shutdown – turn it on and wait 24 hours. This delay produces the heat needed to recirculate the cooling fluids in the circuits, and the compressor will start to rotate smoothly.Before restarting an air conditioner after a brief interruption, turn off the thermostat for at least 5 minutes: the compressor will be less severe.To prevent damage to the compressor of an air conditioner, do not operate the central unit when the outside temperature is below 15 ° C (59 ° F).Lubricate the fan motor annually. Use motor oil; do not use more than 10 drops.

  • Size the vegetation at least 60 centimeters (24 inches) from the outdoor facility. Be careful not to throw blades of grass when you pass the lawn mower. In autumn, be sure to remove the fallen leaves on the fan grill.Indoors, also allow at least 60 centimeters (24 inches) between a window air conditioner and potential sources of obstruction such as curtains, furniture, and plants.

Best Options with the Use of the Net Working Capital

The net capital of the enterprise is the company’s own capital (the value of assets less liabilities) less certain deductions of assets that are difficult to convert into cash at their full value.In the securities sector, the indicator of net capital is used to determine whether a brokerage firm can be considered sustainable and creditworthy. Let us know what is net working capital and more

Net capital formula

Net capital = All assets – All liabilities

If the amount of liabilities exceeds the value of its assets, this is one of the indicators of high credit risk. Banks and other lending institutions are unlikely to offer such a low interest rate, since there is an increased level of risk of non-repayment of the loan.

Periodic evaluation of net capital helps to determine whether or not the implementation of a new project will lead to deterioration in the financial condition.

Still found about the net capital of the enterprise

Net working capital and own circulating capital of small enterprises: a functional role, a methodology for calculating and analyzing an

Relative to net working capital, it is not possible to establish an optimal level, but at any given time the value of PSC must be equal to 0, which means a full load of capital in current assets. Let’s consider a concrete example calculation of own circulating and net working capital of the conditional small

The most common financial indicators of the

Company and the net working capital Calculated by the formula 17. Factor of turnover of fixed assets fixed assets turnover times Capital productivity This coefficient characterizes the efficiency of use of the enterprise and the available assets The higher the value of the coefficient, the more efficient the enterprise uses fixed assets. The low level of return on assets

Net negative cost

Analysis of the existing methods of assessing the investment activity of the enterprise

capital at the expense of the company’s net profit 7 Refers to the structural-index method Calculated by the formula E RGT where E is the numerical value of the balanced growth indicator R is the share of net profit in the company’s revenue G is the growth rate of revenue T- of assets

Net current assets

Net current assets Own capital of the enterprise Long – term financial liabilities – Non-current assets Net current assets Total amount of current assets of the enterprise – Amount of short-term financial liabilities Net current assets are necessary to maintain the financial stability of the enterprise because their availability means that it is not only able.


Your Eastern Europe transport in good hands

Your freight for the Eastern European is in professional hands with a reliable good free load boards company. Register your freight and we make you a proposal. They have our own liner services and maintain excellent contacts with logistics partners who transport your cargo to Eastern Europe at the best conditions. If required, they also take care of the administrative tasks associated with transport. From the registration of the freight up to and including the making of loading and unloading agreements.

Daily transport to Eastern Europe

A reliable transporting company directs weekly departures to Eastern Europe, for complete and partial loads as well as group age transport. With your own services we ensure that your freight is delivered quickly. In international road transport to Eastern Europe we arrange transport to any address. If you want your cargo (s) to be stored in the country of destination, we will arrange this for you.

Common destinations Eastern Europe

Your freight will be delivered to any desired address in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. Some popular destinations are:


  • Budapest
  • Pecks
  • Shook
  • Veszprem
  • Gyor
  • Sofia
  • Varna
  • Farmer grass
  • Bucharest
  • Constanta
  • Freight transport to Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria

Our fleet for freight transport to the Eastern European countries Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria drives among others 13.60 m tilt / taut liners (for 34 euro pallets) and 13.60 m trunk trailers (33 euro pallets). Of course we arrange any other means of transport if desired.

Eastern Europe map

Your contact for road transport Eastern Europe

A reliable good transporting company will have a permanent contact for all your international transports to Eastern Europe. This forwarder has years of experience and speaks fluent German and English, the official languages ​​for transport in Eastern Europe. You can also call in your contact person for communication about the transport with your customer.

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