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Great Factoring With the Proper Financing Now

Factoring is the regular recurring purchase of receivables from deliveries of goods and services for immediate payment of the purchase price.

In practice this means: In factoring, a company sells its outstanding receivables to a factoring company (factor).

For this, the company is immediately credited an amount that amounts to about 80 to 90 percent of the respective external balance. In addition, the factoring company usually assumes the default risk as well as the entire debtor management, from dunning to debt collection.

The factoring contract

In the factoring agreement, the factoring customer (customer) undertakes vis-à-vis the factor to offer all in the future receivables arising from delivery and service for purchase (obligation to supply).

The factoring agreement with a basic term of 1-2 years basically includes the purchase of all arising receivables. With the purchase order financing you will be able to have the best option now.

Changes in accounts receivable accounting

Invoices are to be numbered consecutively and submitted to the factor in agreed cycles. The term of payment may not exceed 90 days.

The payee in factoring is no longer the factoring customer but the factoring company. The debtor can only pay to the factor with debt-discharging effect. This change is indicated to the customer by a note on the customer’s invoice. The customers are also informed in advance by the customer about the cooperation with the factor.

In addition, the factor will take over all accounts receivable and receivables management, including dunning, extrajudicial and judicial recovery.

Incoming claims are processed by the factoring customer in coordination with the factor. As far as credits are to be issued, these are also booked by the factor.

Assumption of credit risk

The factor assumes the default risk in full by purchasing the receivable. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of the invoice amount purchased less the factoring fees are transferred to the factoring customer when the invoice is submitted.


The company receives a detailed statement of the settlement items as a daily statement. About 10 to 20 percent of the purchased invoice amount will be retained (blocked account) and credited to the factoring customer when paying by the customer is at the latest, however, after 150 days. This also applies if the customer does not pay, so the case occurs.

The factor constantly checks the creditworthiness of the debtors during the cooperation. The factoring customer applies for a credit limit amounting to the maximum expected receivables from its debtors. After a positive check, each customer is granted a credit limit within which the factor is obliged to purchase the factoring customer’s receivables. The credit limit will be adjusted if necessary to the credit development. If a credit limit is rejected, the company will be informed immediately.

How To Help Your Friend Cope With Divorce

Divorce. That dirty, cloudy word that sounds scarier than Halloween itself. At one point in your life, you’re going to know someone who is going through it. If this person happens to be your best friend, it can be even tougher on you and your relationship as you see the flower that she once was deplete from the sadness and loneliness that divorce brought onto her. Taragh Bracken understands the importance of helping your loved one’s cope with some of the toughest moments of their life. Here’s exactly how you can do it:


Invite Her Out

Even though she may not be feeling like going out, you should still extend the offer. Allowing her to decide for herself whether she wants to let her hair down loose or binge-watch Netflix is her own choice, but as her best friend you should be there to try and get her to change her thoughts and environment. This means that if you are having a couple’s night with a few other friends, you should still ask her to come out. Let her know that she may be fifth or seventh-wheeling the occasion just to mentally prepare her for it. State that you still want her to be present whenever she can since divorced or not, your relationship matters infinitely to you.


Be Affectionate

Bracken cannot stress this point enough since your best friend used to have someone there to be affectionate with, and now those dreams have dwindled away. Never cease from a hugging her. A big embrace can trespass miles, and pairing that with an impromptu jog, coffee or dinner date will make her feel a little bit better about herself. Another encouragement is writing a hand-written letter to her. Now more than ever does she wish for inspiration and kind words to act as a pick-me-up throughout her darkest days.


Be Honest With Her

If you feel as though she is taking the divorce too bad by starting up with bad behaviour, now is when you need to chime in and be honest about it. Just because she is going through a very difficult time in her life doesn’t give her the ability to act inappropriately or unethically.

Find the Best Deals for the Best Mortgage

Verifying customers for reliability is a special area of ​​activity for each bank. Everyone has their carefully developed standards of verification and solvency of potential borrowers, while no bank discloses control technology.

Nevertheless, everywhere the verification process is subordinated to one similar scenario. When an application is submitted for review, the customer undergoes a kind of security check. The main criteria for refusal at this stage are a “bad” credit history, the presence of criminal records, ongoing litigation, the unreliability of the employer, unpaid taxes and fines. Regarding the last point, some banks are more loyal and do not make special demands. As for the study of profiles in social networks, this method is unlikely, especially since in many banks managers’ access to such sites is limited. Fine deals are there for the mortgage broker Geelong are there now.

If at the first stage the refusal was not received, the client is considered from the point of view of solvency. The main parameter in determining the maximum possible loan amount is the “payment / income” ratio. The value of this coefficient can vary from 35% to 80%, depending on the bank.

To whom do banks give mortgages for an apartment, and who is denied?

  1. First, banks check the specified mobile phone – they simply hammer it in the search engine and see what happened on the issue. Often this way it is discovered that a person does not work at all, as evidenced by a certificate from work. For example, the certificate states that a person does not work for a certain number of years as a manager at a company, but in reality it turns out to be a hairdresser who works with clients at home and does not have an official confirmation of income.
  2. Secondly, banks call directly to the applicant and begin to find out the details of the work. Suppose: “Do you give an advance in what numbers?” How many people are sitting in your office? On which floor of the business center is your office located? And where do you turn from the elevator? “In parallel, the same conversation is conducted with the employer. And, if the certificate from the work is faked, made through acquaintances, forgery is revealed at a time, because it is impossible to prepare for such questions and the applicant’s answers with the “employer” answers do not converge.
  3. Thirdly, some banks, indeed, analyze social networks. Many pages are a reflection of real life and people put everything there without looking back. The groups in which a person is a member testifies to his occupations and interests, photos, friends, etc. – all this is a huge information shaft, it would be strange not to use it. In part, these data indicate a so-called lifestyle. Let’s say photos from travel, “Checking” in fashionable cafes, shops, etc., eloquently testify to the degree of the applicant’s solvency. If the applicant sometimes appears on the photo in a state of intoxication or some compromising circumstances, this leads to thoughts about unreliability. Well, of course, the page can give a head with a person who brings a certificate from the work of one.

The Right Steps for the Best Streaming Options

Streaming is a technology put forward on “streaming websites” that allows you to read / view / listen to files without downloading them, and is therefore an interesting alternative to access culture on the Internet.


Be careful however to the legality of the offer. There is a variety of streaming sites that allow for free or against subscription, or by accepting advertising support, to broadcast audiovisual content. There is also unfortunately a plethora of websites offering free access to pirated content. There the supply is often degraded, some of the sites can be malicious and spread viruses, and often display unwanted and shocking advertising for minors. In you will be having the best deal.

The Principal

The principle of streaming is based on the buffering of data downloaded to the listener by a server, delivered in small pieces, keeping ten seconds ahead of the listenerand then erasing them. It allows a reading in transit, as and when the file is downloaded, without the possibility of copying. It is therefore an interesting alternative to enjoy audiovisual cultural goods: Webradios for example, offer a listening and a library of streaming titles, which allow you to listen to the request of the artists of your choice, and create your albums in line but not to burn a CD or transfer your favorite songs to your mp3 player. Directing young people to streaming sites is a good idea to give them free access to a culture they often find dear, without exposing themselves to the prosecution and penalties of pirate downloads.

  • Be careful; however, to some video streaming sites that are often infection nests for your computer, and which certainly do not pay rights to authors, and which often offer a degraded content, poor quality.
  • Streaming music, which comes from the English stream which means stream or stream, is the fact of listening to music on your computer or your phone when you have not downloaded it, you do not does not have it physically. Concretely the music is stored elsewhere. All you need to do is register for a music streaming platform. Since the mid-2000s, legal offers have multiplied.
  • In Africa, the market is dominated by two players. Spotify, a Swedish company number 1 worldwide in the sector and Deezer, a French company. But there are dozens of others. The operation is simple. Either you accept advertising between songs, or you subscribe for just ten euros a month to listen to what you want … or almost.

A sharp rise

Two million French people subscribe to a streaming service. This is 35% more than in 2013. Two-thirds are via their phone subscription since several operators include streaming in their offers. There are several reasons for this progression. First of all, there is the development of high-speed internet, especially on the phone with 3G and 4G, which allows for smooth, uninterrupted listening. And then these services avoid downloading songs legally or illegally. In 2014 in Africa, the turnover of streaming has exceeded for the first time that of the legal download according to the SNEP union representing the majors of music

Still, it does not pay much to the rights holders, that is to say the record company, the producer and the artist. Listening on Spotify is worth between $ 0.006 and $ 0.008 – about half a penny. It’s about the same on Deezer.

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