The Right Steps for the Best Streaming Options

Streaming is a technology put forward on “streaming websites” that allows you to read / view / listen to files without downloading them, and is therefore an interesting alternative to access culture on the Internet.


Be careful however to the legality of the offer. There is a variety of streaming sites that allow for free or against subscription, or by accepting advertising support, to broadcast audiovisual content. There is also unfortunately a plethora of websites offering free access to pirated content. There the supply is often degraded, some of the sites can be malicious and spread viruses, and often display unwanted and shocking advertising for minors. In demandafrica.com you will be having the best deal.

The Principal

The principle of streaming is based on the buffering of data downloaded to the listener by a server, delivered in small pieces, keeping ten seconds ahead of the listenerand then erasing them. It allows a reading in transit, as and when the file is downloaded, without the possibility of copying. It is therefore an interesting alternative to enjoy audiovisual cultural goods: Webradios for example, offer a listening and a library of streaming titles, which allow you to listen to the request of the artists of your choice, and create your albums in line but not to burn a CD or transfer your favorite songs to your mp3 player. Directing young people to streaming sites is a good idea to give them free access to a culture they often find dear, without exposing themselves to the prosecution and penalties of pirate downloads.

  • Be careful; however, to some video streaming sites that are often infection nests for your computer, and which certainly do not pay rights to authors, and which often offer a degraded content, poor quality.
  • Streaming music, which comes from the English stream which means stream or stream, is the fact of listening to music on your computer or your phone when you have not downloaded it, you do not does not have it physically. Concretely the music is stored elsewhere. All you need to do is register for a music streaming platform. Since the mid-2000s, legal offers have multiplied.
  • In Africa, the market is dominated by two players. Spotify, a Swedish company number 1 worldwide in the sector and Deezer, a French company. But there are dozens of others. The operation is simple. Either you accept advertising between songs, or you subscribe for just ten euros a month to listen to what you want … or almost.

A sharp rise

Two million French people subscribe to a streaming service. This is 35% more than in 2013. Two-thirds are via their phone subscription since several operators include streaming in their offers. There are several reasons for this progression. First of all, there is the development of high-speed internet, especially on the phone with 3G and 4G, which allows for smooth, uninterrupted listening. And then these services avoid downloading songs legally or illegally. In 2014 in Africa, the turnover of streaming has exceeded for the first time that of the legal download according to the SNEP union representing the majors of music

Still, it does not pay much to the rights holders, that is to say the record company, the producer and the artist. Listening on Spotify is worth between $ 0.006 and $ 0.008 – about half a penny. It’s about the same on Deezer.

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