Energy transfer in an air conditioner

Energy transfer in an air conditioner is a process that is meant to happen. Air conditioner works on a thermodynamic system that is closed. The power that enters the closed space in this system which is maintained at a regular temperature at all times requires a higher amount of energy removal from the system. The increase in the output has an effect of the air conditioner removing that energy. This is achieved by the increase in the power consumption that is inverse to the efficiency times that the power was dissipated into the system. Almost all the air conditioners work at an efficiency that is greater than 100%. The electrical energy that serves as the input for air conditioners is of a higher thermodynamic quality than the thermal energy that is released as the output. The energy ratios of an air conditioner can be calculated with the help of formulae. There are minimum requirements that are set for the efficiency of air conditioners in some countries. This is denoted by the term SEER which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The energy efficiency of the air conditioner becomes better with high rate of SEER.

Chemical wash for air conditioners

Cleaning and maintaining an air conditioner in a good condition can be done in a number of ways. One of the most popular methods that are used to service an air conditioner is chemical washing it. They are known to people who read more on aircon repair. When an air conditioner is maintained in a good condition for a long time, the life span of the equipment will be high. This will also help keeping the equipment in a position that it does not consume a lot of power. Best aircon chemical wash is attempted when a normal wash does not give the desired results to an air conditioner. Some of such situations are a water leak, a foul smell coming out of the air conditioning system and also when the process of cooling the air takes a long time. In a chemical wash process, the whole unit of the air conditioner is dismantled and the parts are washed thoroughly with a chemical reagent. This includes the parts like the coils, filters and also the condenser. These parts are immersed in to the solution in order to dissolve any layer of dirt or dust that might have sedimented on the surface of these parts. The drainage pipes are also flushed with this solution. This is a basic technique that one can find when they read more on aircon servicing.

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