Fashion Newbie: From College to 3D Logo Maker

No More College Wear

Your days of wearing sweats and leggings paired with your comfy school hoodie are long gone. The moment you walk on that graduation stage and accept your diploma, you need to rethink the fashion choices you’ve been making for the better part of four years. No matter your faculty—arts and science, business, computer science—you must fake it until you make it. And part of that means looking the part. Appear as though you have your dream job right in your hands and soon enough, you just may be living out the dream as you had imagined.


Looking Like an Adult

Beware of the dreaded coffee stains, because now you need to actually be careful when you eat and drink. You’re going to be putting a pretty buck down on investment pieces to add to your sad, drab-looking wardrobe that consists of only t-shirts, jeans, sweats and Lulu yoga pants. Now you need to put a little more effort into how you dress yourself in the morning. You’re an adult now, making a sufficient pay cheque and driving home new sales for the company you work at. Act like it and you may just see a promotion in your near future. Tori, a 3D logo maker working with Katia from Pixxelogo, stated that encompassing a more professional ensemble allowed her to feel more respect for her job. She loves the sound that her mini pumps make whenever she’s running between meetings, having her feeling like she’s the boss of the show.


It’s Psychology

Many studies have shown that what you wear has a proportionate impact on your psyche. If you’re more put together, you’ll be more productive at work than if you are wearing your most comfortable sweats—the same that you would wear for a fun night in doing the Netflix and chill thing.


There’s Hope for A Fashion Newbie

Even if you’ve never paid attention to your clothing all through middle school and high school since you’ve had to wear a uniform for all those years, there’s a lot of hope. Tori was the exact type to brave the school hallways in sneakers and leggings, yet she still managed to observe what the other 3D logo designers were wearing in the office to cue in on some fashion advice. Becoming an expert observer is a great starting point, however you must be more specific in what it is that you like. For instance, if you love that Canadian suit (all jeans), then ask yourself why you do? Is it the color coding scheme that your co-worker is rocking? The texture of her button down jean shirt? Or the length of her mini denim skirt?


Observing and understanding what you like in others’ outfits is a design project all on its own.

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