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Verifying customers for reliability is a special area of ​​activity for each bank. Everyone has their carefully developed standards of verification and solvency of potential borrowers, while no bank discloses control technology.

Nevertheless, everywhere the verification process is subordinated to one similar scenario. When an application is submitted for review, the customer undergoes a kind of security check. The main criteria for refusal at this stage are a “bad” credit history, the presence of criminal records, ongoing litigation, the unreliability of the employer, unpaid taxes and fines. Regarding the last point, some banks are more loyal and do not make special demands. As for the study of profiles in social networks, this method is unlikely, especially since in many banks managers’ access to such sites is limited. Fine deals are there for the mortgage broker Geelong are there now.

If at the first stage the refusal was not received, the client is considered from the point of view of solvency. The main parameter in determining the maximum possible loan amount is the “payment / income” ratio. The value of this coefficient can vary from 35% to 80%, depending on the bank.

To whom do banks give mortgages for an apartment, and who is denied?

  1. First, banks check the specified mobile phone – they simply hammer it in the search engine and see what happened on the issue. Often this way it is discovered that a person does not work at all, as evidenced by a certificate from work. For example, the certificate states that a person does not work for a certain number of years as a manager at a company, but in reality it turns out to be a hairdresser who works with clients at home and does not have an official confirmation of income.
  2. Secondly, banks call directly to the applicant and begin to find out the details of the work. Suppose: “Do you give an advance in what numbers?” How many people are sitting in your office? On which floor of the business center is your office located? And where do you turn from the elevator? “In parallel, the same conversation is conducted with the employer. And, if the certificate from the work is faked, made through acquaintances, forgery is revealed at a time, because it is impossible to prepare for such questions and the applicant’s answers with the “employer” answers do not converge.
  3. Thirdly, some banks, indeed, analyze social networks. Many pages are a reflection of real life and people put everything there without looking back. The groups in which a person is a member testifies to his occupations and interests, photos, friends, etc. – all this is a huge information shaft, it would be strange not to use it. In part, these data indicate a so-called lifestyle. Let’s say photos from travel, “Checking” in fashionable cafes, shops, etc., eloquently testify to the degree of the applicant’s solvency. If the applicant sometimes appears on the photo in a state of intoxication or some compromising circumstances, this leads to thoughts about unreliability. Well, of course, the page can give a head with a person who brings a certificate from the work of one.

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