Real Estate Undercover: How Much Brad Roemer Services Cost

When you’re trying to sell your home, your real estate agent can expect a commission from the sale. That’s exactly how they make their profit. They will work their hardest to sell your home in return for some extra cash in their pocket. If you’re the homeowner and looking to sell your king-sized mansion in Oakland, California, it’s likely that you’ve come across Brad Roemer’s services. He has a small team of agents that work to make their clients’ dreams come true—they are matchmakers. At the end of the day, the love affair you have with your home is incomparable to any other type of property.


So how much can you expect your Brad Roemer real estate agent to get in commission if you decide to go with their services? In Oakland, the median home goes for $1,000,000. If you’re a successful real estate agent in the area, there’s no wonder you’d take your vacations to travel the world. The median commission for an Oakland realtor is around $75,000—that’s not accounting for the top real estate company in the area. Think about it this way and you’ll realize that their commission on one home is enough to supply an average American’s salary in the year. This has to do with the incredibly small supply of homes on the market—when they get their hold on a client, they are going to charge big dollars as if it’s the only home they do get to sell that year. This may be the logic and then you realize that the neighbouring city San Jose had its homes on the market for an average of only six days back in January.


Brad Roemer’s prices are up there, but you can expect to get an even higher price for what you initially thought to ask for. His team has a magic hand at staging million-dollar homes, you can even check it out on their lifestyle, exterior and interior design blog. Their strategy is  hard-to-crack as no other Oakland or San Francisco real estate agent has managed to do the same thing with the same level of results. It’s up to the home seller to decide whether it’s worth it to pay a little more for a little more money in their pocket.


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