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Clean and cleaned should be not only offices, but also warehouses. Warehouse cleaning has a number of features. First, it really is a large area. Secondly, the presence of a large number of shelves, containers, cabinets, makes it difficult to clean, so it is almost impossible to perform work manually. Daily cleaning of the warehouse requires the use of sophisticated equipment, for example, Raiders, mini tractors, sweepers.

What determines the price

The cleaning price is determined after a preliminary inspection of the storage space, and depends on the size of the object, the kind of floor covering (the floors can be concrete, bulk, from slabs, this assumes different cleaning methods). Also, the cost of work will be affected by the contamination of the facility, the availability of water for washing, and the purpose of the warehouse. For example, special requirements regulated at the legislative level are made to the food stores. The commercial cleaning Singapore happens to be the best there.

What’s included in one-time cleaning

One-time cleaning of warehouses includes washing floors, cleaning the surfaces of dust, washing the bathrooms and collecting garbage. A team of specialists familiar with the specifics of the work, familiar with modern clearing technologies and able to handle not only harvesting equipment, but also with small-scale mechanization means, which must be used for cleaning, is sent to the cleaning of the warehouse.

Dry cleaning of furniture at home

  • Dry cleaning of furniture is a great way to get rid of household dirt, stale dust, stains. After processing, any piece of furniture will look much cleaner, fresh and brighter.
  • Every furniture item needs periodic cleaning, regardless of its purpose. Professional masters will cope with any pollution, thanks to the use of high-tech equipment and certified tools.
  • What is convenient for dry cleaning of furniture at home?
  • Dry cleaning of furniture at home in St. Petersburg has the following advantages:
  • There is no need to carry bulky furniture to the point of reception;
  • The work is done carefully, the owner of the furniture can always track it;
  • Professional formulations will not only clean the contamination, but also remove various, including pathogenic, microorganisms and dust mites from furniture upholstery.

Cleaning at home can be any furniture, for example, sofas and armchairs, kitchen corners and ottomans. Upholstery material can be any, silk, cotton, suede, the cleaning method will be selected by specialists individually taking into account the material, type of pollution and their degree. In any case, the work is carried out in a gentle manner, excluding damage to the upholstery. After processing, the furniture remains slightly damp, but completely and without traces dries within a few hours.


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